About Me

I am only here for my own entertainment and to save my eldest sibling from combusting with my daily messages, which most of the time are humour about my sometimes crappy or dull life.   If you find yourself laughing then I am honoured someone else can make sense of my illiterate posts.

Some of my thoughts I will not be able to publish publicly and only my sibling will be blessed with receiving such knowledge (extremely sweary more than my usual,  no holds bar rants) until the day I no longer living amongst the human race. Important note: That last sentence should read in the manner of I wont give a fuck rather then that an obituary.   My darkest secrets will never be posted, I am old enough to have learnt that lesson of when it was diaries that required the ink of a pens, (but not so old that my eldest needs to keep questioning what life was like living in a cave!!)  I may on the odd occasion post something about my past as it hasn’t always been unicorns and rainbows but again it will contain  nothing that is ‘ your children just don’t need to know everything about their parents stuff’ regardless of how old they are.

Oh yes I’m a parent with a big age gap between them, so much my eldest refused to take their sibling out for fear of been thought of as ‘teenager parent’ nothing to do with the fact they find their sibling most days like a spot that is the mother of all spots the morning of prom.

Honestly, I have no helpful parental tips.  The thought of sourcing my own produce to make healthy snacks makes me want to stomp of to my room like a teenager, grunting my life sucks.  I am the parent you will find in Greggs Bakery telling my child will you just hurry up and pick ‘sausage roll or cheese & onion pasty’.   Just take comfort that when you get a chance to drink irresponsibility your kids will one day move out and live that idyllic life you failed to provide, that you yourself believed like you did in Father Christmas.

Should you be lucky enough to be in the very small circle of my trust, or some stalker please continue to remember that I still have Mrs. Bouquet persona to uphold.  Lastly my grammar and spelling errors may improve as to my knowledge of sussing out how this site works.

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