Being Prepared

So your having a baby and you have researched every prepare list just to make sure your ready. You feeling confident that this miracle of life is going to be a breeze, well let me be helpful and say no one ever prepares you for the fucking contradicting parenting advice that changes all the fucking time! My conspiracy theory is so some jack-arse know it all can write another fucking self help perfect parent book.

I give you my first example:-

You must let tiny baby in left picture  Cry It Out  (click link to glossary) pretentiously also   known as self soothe but leave a screaming toddler lying in middle of shopping aisle to continue getting a few necessary shopping items and people think your parental skills should be monitored by some higher authority.

Wish shops would invest in signs like  they  do to  warn  people  about  slippery  surfaces. ‘Caution child having a tantrum, do not antagonise by pointing at child or lean right over them to tell them they are naughty or crying’.

TIP:  Don’t poke the baby bear with a stick, they don’t shop alone!!!







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