Facebook Rant

Sometimes I absolutely loath facebook because I don’t know if people are truly ignorant from lack of knowledge or just stupid and thoughtless rolled into one.

Some of these share posts really do touch a nerve and are a insult by everyone that shares them.  I’ve had to leave facebook  as I too vexted to stop my mouth from ripping posts to shreds and to do that would mean having to share my darkest secrets with people that are not in my bubble of trust.

I know…. there is nothing I think is more wanky than someone writing a cryptic post and here I am doing exactly that, but I have behave like a proper grown up here I have children to think about.


I give you an example:-

If you feeling suicidal then call this number (insert random fucking  number) please share this as your status.

I’m fucking steaming!!!  Not because you haven’t even bothered to say which fucking helpline number or even if it is a fucking helpline number for a start.  But seriously just fucking read what you have put to your ‘FRIENDS’.  It’s translates to ‘Feeling suicidal then fuckoff call that number and let me congratulate myself on saving your life’.

Being suicidal does not make you fucking stupid that you lack any ability to google number to the likes of Samaritans.

I’m still so angry and hurt by this post (this one in line of many has tipped me over the edge)

You truly want to help someone, then just have a scroll through your ‘friends’ list and check in on them.  When was the last time you actually asked them how they are doing?  Sometimes it can make a difference just messaging/texting or even licking a stamp on a envelope to just let someone know you saying hello.    Nobody expects you to save them, but you can be the hand that helps lead them the way to getting help.

Suicide is a silent killer. It’s a feeling that doesn’t just get fixed overnight.  Its when a person has reached the depths of darkest place, which is pretty fucking scary because your scrambling to find some tiny bit of hope but you just keep falling harder and harder that you become to exhausted and tired that you see only one end.


Please I beg you to think next time you share a post, (which you may intentionally mean well), to actually put yourself in the shoes of the person it is aimed at.

BTW: I feel the same about these cancer post shares with just as much passion its just this one was the last straw.

Lastly and importantly: If you are suicidal and don’t want to call Samaritans, know that this random stranger cares one of a valuable lesson I have learnt is the random acts of kindness of strangers.  I can’t fix you but can listen and even point you in direction of helpful sites.

Oops..  Just adding if your ‘friend’ replies with just ok or fine, it means the complete fucking opposite…. yeah I know its a bloody minefield that’s why I giving this handy tip.





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