You really do have to search deep under all the fluffy, glitter, sparkle and magical unicorn posts to find the stuff that reveals what parenting is really like.

Perfect Parenting

Is it wrong to not want to read about how you can make cupcakes and out unicorn poop and the joys of how your children skipped hand in hand over the rainbow to gather the gold to sprinkle over the top of the cupcakes following by cheerful smiling perfect family photo. Its all very nice but makes my heart sink like that moment when my child walks out of school with the biggest spaceship made from a year supply of bog roll, tissue paper and enough glitter to attract every magpie in the planet. That you have not got a shit in hell chance of getting rid of after child finds last creation that been in recycle bin for a week.   Honestly I know the teachers and just laughing inside at the monstrosity that now has to take pride and place for like forever.  The bigger the spaceship/rocket is the bigger the pain in the arse your teacher is secretly telling you.

Real Parenting

I mean I want to hear about the real stuff, the ones that tell you about the home arts and craft activity and what really happened.  The child that thought it would be fun to glue their sibling to the table, only then you realised you got superglue out rather than the pva but your frantically trying to get the glitter your baby has licked of the table, as you just know the Mother in law will question why baby has glittery poo later when babysitting.

Laughing together

Things like that make me laugh, people share their stories that make you laugh and we learn from each other’s experience like making sure we got the right glue. A little bit of laughter can sometimes be just enough to get you through a shitty day.    The same as when a random stranger said to me just as we pulled into the station, ‘don’t worry I think you doing a great job’ she took me wanting from bursting into tears with stress, shame, defeat in a sob of relief after what seemed the longest journey ever through London in peak time with a very feral toddler at the time.




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