Bitch please


I am here because I making the best of the many  sucky wrong choices I made. As soon as Pip Squeak finished education, I am following the dream.  The one that I taught Sherlock that yes the world is round but you will not fall off when you step out of the twilight zone.

So bitch please if I can suck it up, because that is what I do for my child and send you a polite message about fucking party then at least put more effort into your wanky reply.

If it is because you didn’t want to invite my child then trust me I have been to enough wanky parties to realise that I would rather sit in Wacky Warehouse looking after a bunch on 4 year olds hyped up on skittles.  As a parent that participates in this wanky stuff purely for the sake of my child, trust me you are doing me no favours I only fucking accepted because my conscious tells that is not polite to keep declining such offers.

Any way bitch being as I can’t take back my text and send the one I originally wanted to I can only put my lack of effort in choosing what normally I agonise over and that is your child’s birthday gift.

Looking forward to the event so much hun xxxx





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