Well that was a joyful special family bonding time to treasure foreverrrr! Started with a debate over the size of which frying pan, then descended quickly into kids arguing over who put the chocolate on who’s pancake or it could of been someone breathing on the others pancake,I don’t bloody know as I was trying to clean up the fucking batter I split on the cooker whilst wrestling the pancake out the pan. Only for one to storm of to bedroom declaring they don’t want pancakes and the other one moaning about some shit, I started to zone out to stop myself screaming ‘this is why I hate cooking fucking pancakes… I told you so’

I’m now going to rub sudocream on my arse because the bruising is driving me up the fucking wall, its like having a giant thong wedged in-between my arse cheeks that just needs pulling out. Omg once you go Bridget Jones knickers there is no going back.

Then I’m going to eat the giant Kinder Egg, build the toy which I plan to superglue before leaving it on floor for Pip Squeak to find,who is currently in bath with the now dismantled Lego I tweeted about yesterday (took me half hr) then I going to mess Sherlock’s evenly spaced coat hangers up, being as I not got them an egg yet. Why? Because I don’t like making Pancakes!!!


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