Its Friday, I've just ran naked around my garden waving my arms in the air like I just don't care 'shouting its Friday' Tis the only week day that its thought as acceptable to drink, until you can stand no more. Relax people as you do remembered my ouch it hurts? Well it still does,... Continue Reading →

Twilight News

Was talking to Betty over the garden fence about Doris's three roads down on the left about their next-door neighbours, friends sister, 2nd cousins Grandchild and you wouldn't believe what has been going on in Twilight Town. Lots of crime happening which of course was never a problem before these outsiders started moving here.  By the... Continue Reading →

Well that was a joyful special family bonding time to treasure foreverrrr! Started with a debate over the size of which frying pan, then descended quickly into kids arguing over who put the chocolate on who's pancake or it could of been someone breathing on the others pancake,I don't bloody know as I was trying... Continue Reading →

Obviously I still grasping the hang of WordPress just like my parenting, its still a bloody minefield. I can  be added on facebook and intend to keep those posts as viewable to friends only, so we can post about Betty and her wild antics and drinking habits. No posting about how much you love your child... Continue Reading →

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